Sunday, December 6, 2015

Overnight; A Snippet

Good evening all, 

          Last night I did the worst thing I can probably do to my skin.  I slept in a full face of makeup.  (I know! It's awful!)  BUT, I was really really surprised when I got up this morning to wash it all away and slather my face in moisturizer to see that so much of it stayed put throughout the night.  That is to say now I'm an even bigger fan of some of the things I  use.  Thank you, Primers!  In any case I actually have photos of my look from the evening and this morning.  It's evident that violet and brown eyes with red lips is still my most comfortable look.

I'm wearing Darling Girl primer, with some indie shadows.  I layered Bobbi Brown gel eye liner over a marker type liquid eyeliner from Sephora.  I'm wearing Cle de Peau mascara layered over Heroine Make, and on my brows I have the usual Chinovi brow powder.  And as always, I'm wearing Cle de Peau's radiant fluid foundation topped with Laura Mercier translucent powder.  

On my lips I was wearing Mirabella's matte crayon, which, while staying put incredibly well, dries my lips out rather badly.  I am forever searching for a matte lipstick that feels like Guerlain's Rouge G...

Till next time,
Thank you for reading this little snippet!