Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Galentine's Day!

Hello All,

     Pleasant afternoon.  It is currently eighty degrees where I am, but more importantly on this day Galentine's Day and Friday the Thirteenth have fallen on the same day!  Two of my favourite things converging has gotten me rather excited, and to add further joy to this day, not only is it Friday but a three day weekend is upon us.  Suffice it to say, I was keen to greet the day.

For today, a schoolmate and I agreed to dress "witchy" (!!!) and to accompany that I decided to do an eye look that I've been rather taken with the past couple of months.  That is to say, dark eye shadow, a look I never thought I would like or pull off.  I'm especially enamored with this look and was probably my default for the winter months.  But as Spring arrives I want to explore and discover new eye looks.  So I'm rather excited for that.  I also hope to experiment more with colour this season.

I rather like how it turned out, for this look I am wearing:

On the eyes;
- Notoriously Morbid's 13 Black Rainbows on the lid (with a little Mother and Earth)
- Black Bird's Vintage and Beau for the crease, blended up
- Black Rose Mineral's Anubis to define the outer corners and transition the lid with the crease.
- Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eye liner.

On the face;
- Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation in two shades (one for the center of my face, and one for the outer perimeter) (is "outer perimeter" redundant?? hm)
- Maybelline FitMe concealer and Maybelline Age Rewind
- Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Loose Powder with Rimmel Stay Matte

On the lips;
-Estee Lauder Ruby Glow (by far my favourite lip gloss)

I've been trying as of late to incorporate drugstore items, and so far my treasure hunt has gone very well!  I keep finding things that I absolute adore using (what a thrill!!!)

In middle school and the beginning of high school I was infatuated with clothing upon discovering thrift stores.  It awakened a new avenue for creativity and became something that I really enjoyed (that is both thrifting and the act of dressing up), however when I discovered make up in the beginning of my third year of high school, I was sucked into an entirely different world and began to pay less and less attention to curating my museum of fabric (my closet).  But now, in such a time of change I've come to find a really nice balance where I enjoy both equally.  I feel that simply the act of getting "ready" excited me in the morning.  Some people say that I am high maintenance and to that I give an assured "HAH".  It's truly an adventure to question and discover who I'll be for each day, clothing and makeup just allows me the room to explore who I am and who I want to be as well as how I want to introduce myself to the world.  I feel that it allows for me to visually tell stories, and that's something I really take pleasure in.  (An extension of my love for painting, I suppose).

In any case, I'm slowly finding my way, and I'm slowly pulling something with some semblance of "okay" or even "good" together.  And it's nice.

Till next time!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where have I been?

Hello all, 

It is rather evident that I have more or less forsaken this little home I've made for myself in the vast internet universe.  But such is not the case!  I am still here.  So where have I been?  

A quick prelude: This will not be entirely beauty related, but rather a way for me to reflect and document where I've been, how I've the past months have been as much has happened to my world and I.  A beauty related update will be at the bottom! So scrolling through the diary content is most certainly possible.  

For one I finished my first semester of university.  Although now it seems like nothing, there were days and evening that were ...difficult. In any case, as of today I am three days into the new semester.  The past couple of days have resulted in an abundance of feelings of gratitude and love for the world that I am in.  It's overwhelming, really.  Most recently I experienced the motions of falling out of love, or the end of one and so this feeling of falling in love with life and the world I live in is ...extraordinary.  And one I don't think I've experienced in this capacity previously.  I meet my new classes and professors and classmates with a bit of apprehension but mostly I am wholly excited.  

For 12 days in January I also went to Peru.  I've never really traveled and so this experience was one my wanderlust embraced in its entirety.  I went with 12 schoolmates on a research trip to study parasites in a specific species of invasive fish.  Peru in itself was ...wonderful.  From sunrise to sunset, the dusk and dawn... Not enough time has passed for me to properly communicate my feelings from and for Peru.  I do have some pictures!  

A pair of lovebirds.  

Being lost in a foreign city.

 A friend

“We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world.” -Pirsig

One of the very few photographs of myself.

In summation, Peru was breathtaking and I am already wanting to go back or go elsewhere.  However, this is the most I've been content with where I am exactly as I am there.  And so that's where I've been, consumed with school and consumed with life in all its bedlam and beauty. I feel that it is difficult to capture experience with words and so I'll leave it at this.

In terms of beauty and makeup, as I spent most days in Peru in a lab or in a vastly warm and humid climate needing of sunscreen and 98% deet I skipped makeup most days.  At most I would wear lipstick (of course) but I was able to focus on skincare!  In my stay in Peru and return to university I have FINALLY learned the importance of diligence in skincare.  Consistently washing my face, along with BHA and Vitamin C serum and diligent sunscreen use gave me skin that I genuinely felt good about.  Coming back to university I horribly regressed and slept with my makeup on for a couple of nights.  Disaster ensued.  Suffice it to say I am back on the wagon and my skin is already feeling so much better.  I spent a large majority of the ages 11 to 18 warring with my skin, it being a constant source of insecurity and stress.  And so I'm glad to finally see my dear skin calming down.  I have also returned to my foundations after going makeup less in Peru. Although I learned to appreciate minimalism, I also missed my collection and the fun of getting ready in the morning.

At the end of the day (~12 hours) , wearing Physicians Formula Youthful Wear, L' Oreal liquid eye liner, and gold pigment. 

A photo taken today (thanks friend!).  Wearing Estee Lauder Full Coverage and Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv loose powder.  

For now I suppose I'll end it here.  I hope to post more in the future, or at least figure out a decent set up for photography (as that has been a major deterrent).

Till next time. :)


Of the lessons I learned in Peru, I would have to say that the reminder to live a life of gratitude has been the most important and salient to my growth as a person.