Saturday, September 20, 2014

Autumn Acquisitions

Hello! Hello!

Today is a beautiful over cast day where I am and I've just gotten back from an event called the "Coastal Clean Up" in which volunteers come to pick trash at a local watershed :)  Yesterday evening I had an opportunity to ride in my university's shuttle service to a mall trip, I came to find that it was an outdoor mall and it was lovely!  It's been extremely hot here, so the over cast days with a slight wind are extremely welcome.  In any case, yesterday marked the two week mark of university, and the completion of my first test!  So I picked up a couple treats for myself.  Though I feel that I might have splurged a bit too much, I am completely enamored with every single thing that I purchased.  I've yet to try them and so I don't have much thoughts to share regarding the products.  But ever since university picked up I've been pinching pennies, so it's been lovely indulging a bit (hahaha).  I don't know what tone I'm conveying with these typed up words but I am EXTREMELY excited.  In any case, here are some of the things I picked up!

YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush in 11: I bought the bright red Kiss & Blush originally and fell IN LOVE with it, however I accidentally left it when I went on vacation :'( It left a bit of a hole in my heart that only another Kiss & Blush could fill....and now here we are.  I went with a different colour and am looking forward to trying it.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture in shade 206: I have been wanting to try the Rouge Pur Couture line from YSL having only tried the Kiss & Blush, the Glossy Stains, and the Rouge Voluptes as well as its "Sheer Candy" cosmetic cousin. 206 was a shade I've had my eye on, and luckily enough, I picked up the last tube in store! :)

Anthropologie Albeit Lipstick in Bordeaux:  I've never really shopped in Anthropologie, having no local stores back home and so I seized the opportunity to see what they had to offer.  I found these lipsticks and decided to pick up one of the deeper colours.  I have no real expectations but  I do hope it wears okay!  I also picked a small gift for a friend who's a fan of rose scents.

Here is a potato cam rendering of said balm.  I appreciate the packaging of these products.  The balm itself is a cute baby pink colour that leans more towards the mild side of the scent spectrum.  It's quite pleasant and I can't wait to ship it to my friend!

Addendum: A friend just told me that Anthropologie is owned by Urban this will also be my first and final purchase from them.  Ahh. I really should be a more informed shopper.

 H&M Lip Tint in Deep Red and Hot Pink:  I don't really shop in H&M, I think I've bought a pack of socks from the shop, but decided to wander in.  I've tried Forever 21's version of these, which are more liquid lip colours rather than lip tints and did not really like Forever 21's incarnation (although I did like the lip pencil with the brush on the other end quite nice!) So I thought I would pick these up for comparison.  We shall see!

Urban Outfitters Blossom Lip Gloss: This is a shameful purchase.  I am not fond of the shop from which I bought this from but have wanted this type of product.  And upon my inability to find an online retailer or alternative shop that sells flower infused roll-on lip gloss I caved.  It makes me feel a bit awful to have it, though the product is fine simply because I do not support Urban Outfitters as a company.  Hmm.

Solstice Scents Body Ganache in Jack & the Devil: I've mentioned Solstice Scents before and my love for the company has not faded.  I appreciate the attention to detail the company provides as well as the general aesthetic of the shop and its products.  I have worn this for a full day, and it's lovely, where the scent stays on the skin for quite a while.  Unfortunately I'm awful with scents, in describing them or critiquing them (simply resting at, "I do or I don't like this") so I don't think I will be doing a post on these beauties.  I also picked up two more Burnishing Glaces!  Perhaps my favourite product from Solstice Scents in (if I remember correctly) The Witch's Cottage and Sycamore Sugarworks. Unfortunately, Solstice Scents has discontinued my favourite scent (Sandalwood Vanilla) and I am forever hopeful that they formulate a scent that is similar!

In addition, I've also picked up some Halloween colours from Fyrinnae and a couple shades from Aromaleigh, a company I've never tried so I'm rather excited to try those as well!

This past month I have been doing 30 Days of Lipstick and it has really helped me discover what I really have and use what I have and it's been a lot of fun!  I'm quite excited for this change in season as I'm a big fan of the cold and the ways in which one warms up (with warm baked mac and cheese, a cup of hot chocolate and blankets!)  School has been tough both outside and inside the classroom, but I think I'm slowly (oh so very slowly) adjusting.  In any case, I can't wait to try all these!

Thank you for reading :)
I hope you have a beautiful day!
Till next time. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes, Review and Swatches

Hello all,

         Today (a rather lovely morning where I am), I would like to share some swatches and a small review on Glamour Doll Eyes.  I seized an opportunity to receive some samples of my choosing from Glamour Doll Eyes and having a fairly sizable collection of their blushes I was quite excited!  I was able to pick six colours, along with the full sized gift with purchase shade, of course I messaged Vanessa if she could send another blush my way (which I paid for, of course) I'm a bit in love with her blushes, I think I have seven now, but that's for a different day.  Today I would like to share my thoughts on the shadows that I received! :)

In any case here are the swatches!  Swatches are taken in indirect lighting.  The right side of the swatches are over Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

 From top to bottom: Feverish, Bittersweet, Bearded Lady

Some notes: Bearded Lady swatched lighter than the actual colour.  Also, Feverish might actually be one of my favourites from the lot and I'm probably going to pick up a full size when I place another blush order from GDE :P (even though we're talking about shadows today, it is clear where my loyalty lies) 

From top to bottom: Vulnerable, Flawless, Unveil, Boardwalk (GWP)

Some notes: LET'S JUST DISCUSS THE BEAUTY OF BOARDWALK.  Although I did not choose this shade as it was the free gift with purchase, I am absolutely enamored with it.  The package came right at the point when I realized I am a bit in love with the way purple/violet looks with brown and so this package was actually a dream come true. *enter wistful sigh* Unveil was a bit difficult to work with, in fact it's evident in the swatch as it is the only colour that showed a marked difference between application over bare skin and over primer.  It's a lovely colour, but I just didn't find myself using it as much as it would sometimes apply a bit patchy.  Both the light colours I received are nice pigmented, Vulnerable is another colour I would purchase in its full size.

Here's a shot that better shows the sparkle/shimmer of the shadows.  

And that's it for the swatches!  I really wanted to develop a solid opinion on these eye shadows, and I'm glad I spent the time I did trying them out.  I wore these out multiple days, I wasn't able to photograph all of the looks, and some photos were left behind in my old desktop (which I couldn't bring to uni due to space limitations!) but I do have a couple to share. 

 Here's a look using Flawless on the lid, Bearded Lady on the outer v blended using Feverish to blend it into the lid colour.  This is probably the look I wore most, just with small variations.  (Please let's not discuss my brows I don't know what's happening I cried through a small tidy session and it looks a bit better ;_;) 

Hands down my favourite look.  Just looking at it makes me want to wear it out for the day.  I don't wear this look as often as the one above simply because it's less wearable.  For this I used Boardwalk on the lid, Unveil as a transition colour into the outer v for which I used Bearded Lady.  For my crease I used Feverish.  I used Flawless in the inner corners :) 

Here are some quick snaps with my phone of some of the other days I used Glamour Doll Eyes, (note the brows have been cleaned up a bit!  OR IS IT THE POTATO CAM'S MAGIC???)

All in all I'm a little bit in love with Glamour Doll Eyes.  I already really liked the blushes the shop had to offer, but having never tried the shadows I was a bit apprehensive.  However, upon actually wearing them I was more than thrilled.  From receiving the package up till now, I have worn the eye shadows exclusively most of the days that I did wear eye shadow.  The pigmentation and the wear time are really nice and I see myself purchasing and trying more in the future.  I'm incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to try the Glamour Doll Eyes shadows.  Additionally, I had a chance to interact with Vanessa and she's wonderful, and I feel that inquiries and issues should they arise won't be a hassle as she's helpful and courteous.

Full sized shadows are $ 6.00 (1/2 tsp with sifter, 1/2-3/4 tsp without sifter)
Sample sized shadows (in jars) are $ 2.50 (1/4 tsp)
Sample sized shadows (in mini zip locked bags) are $ 1.25 (1/8 tsp)

Vanessa's shop can be accessed via Glamour Doll Eyes

Thank you so much for reading!
Till next time :)

P.S. Here I am with all of my college friends! ! !!!