Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Purple and Brown, Thoughts and Musings

Hello all!

           It has been, again, quite a while and I do apologize.  Although, I do have a legitimate reason as to my absence in that I have been a "college kid" for almost a month.  Well...not really.  At this point, we have what's considered a "pre-semester block", mandatory for all first year students.  I am still a bit lost, and I have to admit that I will be a bit lost for more time to come.  In any case, this and that are completely separate things.  Perhaps most difficult about this transition is moving away from home and into a dormitory,  surrounded by an entirely different environment and people.  I miss my friends quite terribly and in honour of this I thought it was appropriate to finally post the Brown and Purple Extravaganza.  Wherein Erika forces her friends to take part in her latest obsession with brown and purple eye shadow together.  I'm not entirely sure where this love is rooted but even now after several weeks I am still incredibly enamored with how the two colours look with one another.  Of course, ever the obliging friends, my friends indulged me and proceeded to send me their version of the purple and brown look.  I didn't set parameters, in fact I wasn't even expecting for them to do the look in the first place, so the results are quite different between the three of us which makes it all the more interesting to see how versatile the combination is.

In any case, here are our respective purple and brown looks :)

Firstly, may I say that it is difficult to find good lighting in the dorms? ? ?  Secondly, may I say that it is a little embarrassing to go out onto the balcony and take about 300 selfies in an attempt to find decent lighting or at least a shot where one does not look like a potato? In any case, do please excuse the undulations in my skin tone as I am still trying to find a reliable light source.

I used Darling Girl's Diamond Dust in Persuasion (!! SO BEAUTIFUL !!) (IN FACT, I have been meaning to dedicate a post to Darling Girl's Diamond Dusts as they are EXQUISITE) and a matte Anastasia brown eye shadow on my crease and outer v (is that what that area is called? I am not sure).   I wore this look to class today!  We watched Hitchcock's Rope in relation to Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics.  The shadows stayed put and were applied over UDPP and Darling Girl's Glitter Glue.

Meet my friend, let's refer to her as "K".  Defender of the whimsical, advocate for environmentalism, and master of makeup.  I was the last of my close group of friends to dip my toes (and dive in completely) into the world of makeup and I have always admired K's makeup.  I associate flawlessness and sultry eye looks with her and always will.  For our fourth year in high school K toned down her looks quite a bit and I have to say that I have missed her ever so alluring smokey eye looks.  It is still thrilling to me whenever she sends me a picture of her fotd's as I am quite a big fan of her face (and the makeup she applies on it). #girlcrush

The eyes portion of her product list is as follows:

Nars eye shadow primer Stila the Impressionist Palette vol II Brow Guerlain Eye Shadow (it has no specific name) Estée Lauder brown eyeshadow in the 06 Truffle quad Urban decay eyeshadow in Half Baked Urban decay eyeliner in Crash Lancôme definicils mascara for top lashes Dolce and Gabbana passion eyes for bottom lashes Her full products list can be viewed HERE!

Finally, we have my friend S who I met on the very first day of high school, in our first period class (tragically, P.E.).  She wears softer makeup looks, that are always cute or sparkly or a mixture of both.  She is a mascara wizard and coral fanatic as well as a lover for all things simple yet beautiful.  She was the reason I tried Chanel as she had a Chanel twist up eye liner that was quite nice.  My adventures in mascara usage and consequent purchase of Shiseido's (rather lovely) eye lash curler is mostly due to her recommendations.
Her looks is always modern and put together, ever accompanied by a touch of sparkle (or glitter).

Rather than a products list, she sent me a handy image of the products she used.  For her eyes she used the the golden Estee Lauder palette, one of the mini Stila palettes and Too Faced's Glamour to Go palette (which colours we may never know, I suppose that's all part of the enigma??)  She used an eye liner from Etude House and a combination of a Maybelline Mascara and Cle de Peau's The Mascara for her lashes.

I rather like the outcome of our trials in using this colour combination.  I like how each of our individual styles manifested into our respective eye looks.  In writing this post my desire to wear purple and brown has only been fueled, though it has also made me miss K and S even more.  ***PLEASE SKIP TO AVOID SENTIMENT AND PERSONAL DRIVEL***The three of us are all going to be attending university in different countries and as such will rarely have the opportunity to spend time as we did in high school.  The fourth in our foursome was also invited to participate, and I feel that at one point she may have done a purple and brown eye look (we shall refer to her as "T"), though I never received pictures of it.  T recently visited me at university, as she is staying local (that is local to where we all attended high school).  I have said this to them numerous times, but they are the people that I think of whenever I'm down or wish to rewind time as to "do better" or prevent myself from making the mistakes I did.  For all of these mistakes and regrets I wouldn't want to revert time for fear of not meeting them, such as meeting S on that first day of school.  I'm not one for saccharine displays of friendship or affection, but I do treasure my friends and am quite glad they indulge my silly whims.  Though friendship does not particularly lie in the realm of "what this blog is for", I do find that my friends are integral to the positive self image I hold today, which in its own right does speak to the purpose of this blog***END OF SENTIMENT AND PERSONAL DRIVEL*** More importantly, we all love to shop for makeup and it's always a fun time :P

Thank you for reading (As always), and I do apologize for the lack of posts as well as this almost *too* personal of a post (is it?) (I don't know).  Then again this is my personal blog so I suppose my personal matters and recollections, trivial as they may seem do belong here.  But that is neither here or there.

Have a wonderful WONDERFUL day!
Till next time :)