Friday, May 23, 2014

Brows, Thoughts and Musings

Hello all!

Tomorrow I have my senior prom, one of the larger markers to the end of my high school career, it's pretty late here and I've been trying out different things as to what I'll be doing for tomorrow.  I found a little kit I got a long time ago (maybe six or seven months) from Anastasia Beverly Hills, a company that I feel has established itself as a "brow" company.  The Brow Genius Kit is $ 24, and includes a tube of the Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel, the Brow Wiz loose powder, and a mini dual ended brush, one side angled, the other a spoolie.  The directions instruct for the mixing of the powder and and the gel to form a "mixed paste to look like cake frosting - not too watery or too firm", which I attempted.  I do rather like it, I'm not a very big fan of cream or gel products for the brows as I don't like the feeling of it dried on my brows, but the gel dried to a very lovely texture.  It's not stiff and does not give my brow area a tight feeling, which I have experienced in the past.

The contents of the kit

The Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel
Some notes: The wand tip is a flat silicone-y material that is very flexible.  I tried mixing the powder in two different ways, on the wand tip itself, and the inside of the jar cover.  Both ways works quite well!  It wasn't messy, which I did expect.  Especially with my clumsiness!

The Brow Wiz Loose Brow Powder in Brunette
Some notes: I bought this set for this, I really like loose powder products, and was looking for a brow powder.  This stays in place and is pretty fool proof, which is nice for someone who has no idea what they're doing (like me!)  

A Rough, and Haphazard Attempt
So I tried using the kit as a whole, which I've never really done.  I've used the brow powder by itself but I've been mildly intimated and slightly afraid of the generously worded, "Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing Gel".  It was very easy to use, and I did find that there's a degree of user control over how the finished tinted brow gel turns out depending on how much powder is used.  As per the pictures, it's quite obvious that my application could use some work, but I am pleasantly surprised by this kit, and I look forward to using it more often.  I might even try other cream brow products as I did, surprisingly, find the finish pleasant and not at all like my previous experience with cream and gel eye brow products :)

I'm not someone who pays too much attention to brows, as I'm usually a bit clueless about it.  Additionally, I have a terribly low tolerance for pain which makes plucking and brow maintenance a sobbing affair (literally). So I usually just let my eyebrows grow out and generally embrace the bushy nature of it all.  But it's been fun experimenting and playing around with them.

I also picked up the boutonniere (a word, I believe, I will never be able to spell correctly) at a slightly shady location, "corner by the baseball field in a green Honda" deal, from a school mate whose mother makes corsages and boutonniere's.  I asked for mine extremely late, and so I made her a thank you (slash apology) card!

In any case, thanks for reading!
Till next time.   

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pumpkin and Poppy Carmen and Veronica Blush Swatches

Hello all! 

It's been quite some time since my last post and though it's a rather lame excuse, school has, in all actuality, been kicking my butt.  Most days I don't even think about makeup, and other days I'm in either too much of a rush to take photographs, or I get home and just want to wash my face and take a nap and pretend I don't have exams (I don't now! Yay!) 

In any case, today I have a quick swatch post of Pumpkin and Poppy's blushes, namely, Carmen and Veronica.  I like the texture of these blushes and am inclined to liken them most with Victorian Disco's blushes whose formula has been the object of my desire (swatches to come, I promise).  I found that these blushes have mid range longevity and are fairly pigmented, though they do blend very well and diffuse quite nicely on the skin. I also think the shop logo is so cute, additionally, I truly appreciate that the blush comes in the larger jars as it makes it so much easier to use. In any case here are some swatches! 

The swatches on the left are without flash, and to the right is with flash.  Both photographed in natural light.

From left to right: Carmen, Veronica

 Some notes: Veronica has a shimmer that lends itself to a beautiful highlight when shone with light or photographed with flash.  I am absolutely enamored with blushes that have this quality!  Carmen does not, as per the Pumpkin and Poppy shop, Carmen is described as a blush that evokes the look of a flushed face and I feel that it's an accurate description of this blush!  Both are pigmented, there's a slight gritty texture in the powder but on application it is very smooth, I believe it's the rice powder!  

Some face swatches, to the left is Veronica, and to the right is Carmen


 Not really.  I dropped the blush and my camera (...oops?) and ...this resulted.  Hello world.  Hi.  hi hello. Okay. bye. okay. Bye. now.

Pumpkin and Poppy blushes are $ 9.25
The shop can be accessed via Pumpkin and Poppy on Etsy!
Unfortunately, the shop is closed at the moment but I feel that they are certainly worth the wait!  The aesthetic and the quality are quite nice and the shop offers a large variety of products!

P.S. sorry if this is a little disorganized I have no clue what I'm doing.  In any case, I hope you enjoyed reading!  And I wish you a lovely day :)