Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Pretty Zombie, Review and Swatches

Hello all!

Today (a very lovely afternoon where I am) I would like to share some swatches and some thoughts on yet another (surprise surprise) indie company!  My Pretty Zombie first attracted me with the shop aesthetic and general theme, the names of the shadows (GOTH MARY POPPINS????) and of course the Drugs Like Me blush collection.

Packages arrive packed just as cute as the website aesthetic, a mixture of girly...and not so girly (yes you receive a complimentary severed finger with each package!)  I'm rather taken with the presentation of this shop, packages arrive very well secured with no spills.  The brand aesthetic is consistent and the labels are clear and easy to read, ingredients are included with every single product.  If I'm being nitpicky, the one thing I wish jars included is a label stating whether or not the specific product is lip safe, vegan, or eye safe for some of the blushes (I'm looking at you LSD!) But other than that I can't really say anything against packaging and presentation!

In any case here are some swatches!  Swatches are taken in artificial light, without flash and then with flash.  The right half of each swatch is over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.

From top to bottom: W, T, F

Some notes: This is the WTF collection, a trio of neutrals.  In all honesty, I bought this because of the cute story that accompanied the colour description on the website... 
"So my dear sweet innocent mom thought WTF meant "Wednesday Thursday Friday"In honor of how awesomely cute that is, I created this set of neutrals. Perfect for your mom (who probably thinks the same thing) or any other sweet non eff word dropping lady in your life!"
This was my first order from My Pretty Zombie and I was quite pleased with the quality, everything is pigmented and smooth!

From top to bottom: Thundernuts, Osedax, Cookie Pants

Some notes: I adore My Pretty Zombie's colour selection, colours are often complex and duochromes are nicely done.  Thundernuts is especially nice, it looks almost boring in the jar but comes alive when worn, I love the combination of brown and blue! 

Above shows Thundernuts' amazing shift!

From top to bottom: Wicked Crochet, Violet Bites, Grimdeva

Some notes: Wicked Crochet was the only My Pretty Zombie eye shadow that I had a difficulty with.  The shade applies with an overlay of green glitter and it applies, for me, very unevenly and it doesn't "stick" with the rest of the shade.  I wish this shade didn't have the green glitter because the base shade is quite nice.  Maybe I received one from a bad batch, but I don't see myself using this shade very much because of the glitter and the finicky application. 

Here are some swatches of some of the samples I still have, I generally never use my samples, and so I don't usually keep tack of them.  The shades are from top to bottom, nNg no. 1, Black Eye, Monstrous Industry, and Disquiet.

Here's a quick look I did with these products, I have the WTF trio on my eyes, and Disquiet on my lips.  I'm wearing PCP on my cheeks.

Now for the Drugs Like Me Blushes! 

Here are all of the blushes that I have, I believe I'm missing one or two of the shades.  My first order was for the blush sampler and 6-MAM, I later ordered a full size of Benzodiazepine and MDMA.

On the right most image from top to bottom: Benzodiazepene, THC, LSD, MDMA, PCP, 6-MAM

Some notes:  Here are some general swatches I did when I received my first order, the only colour not included in these swatches if Propoxyphene.  The colours are pretty gorgeous and very pigmented.  LSD is almost a blush version of Fyrinnae's beloved Serendipity.  I fell in love with 6-MAM and Benzodiazepene which is a perilously pigmented red blush!  Caveat: some of these shades are not vegan.  These swatches are done without any primer.


Some notes: As stated above, this is very pigmented!  I love it!  I would be wary with how much of this is picked up by your brush as it is rather pigmented!

Some notes: I opted for 6-MAM of the two violet leaning blushes, but this has a very cool teal shift!


Some notes: I'm tempted to get a full size of LSD just for the sheer novelty of the shade, the red shift is quite strong, and as stated it reminds me of Fyrinnae's Serendipity or Darling Girl's Hot Rocks.  It makes a lovely eye shadow, but I've yet to find a way to wear it on the cheeks.  


Some notes: MDMA is a pretty pink with strong gold shimmer, but it diffuses beautifully on the face.  


Some notes:  This is a light, yet bright orange shade that's subtle on my cheeks.  This is the shade I see myself least likely of getting in its full size purely because of how subtle it is on my cheeks.  

6- MAM

Some notes: A tie for my favourite with Benzodiazepene.  I adore this blush and how it wears on my skin, I was a bit frightened to wear this but found that it's (surprisingly) very wearable!  


Some notes: This is a matte bubblegum pink and it does not look good on my skin hahaha,of the lot this is the one I definitely won't be getting, though I'm sure it would suit a lot of other skin tones!  This is also the only non-shimmery shade of the blushes that I have. 

Here are some rather gratuitous images of me wearing the blushes, for some reason blush colours become rather shy with my camera (I'm still learning!).  In any case, from left to right I'm wearing, Benzodiazepene, MDMA, PCP (barely there!) and 6-MAM lightly applied.  I found that these blushes are all pretty pigmented and blend quite well on the skin.  I've yet to wear it for a full school day as I don't usually wear blush to school because I'm still trying to figure out how all these colours are meant to coordinate and work together when worn.  (Hah! Oh, the struggle!)

Whew!  That was quite lengthy, wasn't it?  In general my experience with My Pretty Zombie has been very positive.  Andrea is very responsive to customer inquiry (I keep forgetting to put in my colour selections for sets and she's always understanding about it!).  Shipping is also rather quick, and of course, the products themselves are very nice.  My one product that I didn't like (Wicked Crochet) in no way prevents me from making future purchases from this shop :) I highly recommend this shop!  Don't forget! You get a free severed finger! :P

Full Sized Eyes Shadows are $ 5.00
Full Sized Blushes are $ 8.00
"MPZ Best Sellers Collection" which includes three eye shadows and one blush is $ 18.00

Her shop can be accessed via My Pretty Zombie