Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feeling Blue

Hello all!

The past couple of evenings have been spent in a friends room with my hair going through rapid and massive changes.  I've never been one to pay attention to hair, trims, cuts, and not much in between happens, I don't straighten or curl or even blow dry my hair...I attribute this with my utter lack of talent with hair, I can't even braid, so usually it rests at combed or uncombed, tied or untied.  As such this was a lot of fun and very exciting for me to purse, and so below is my attempt at documenting my hair related transformation.

This was my hair before any of its changes.  In my first year of high school I got a pixie cut/bob and donated my then very very long hair. This is where I was after four years of trims (before this photo, a four inch hair cut in the summer) 

And then after winter block in my university I thought it was once more time to donate my hair, and cut off a significant amount.

Annnnd finally, after much talk of going for a more drastic change with a friend...we finally went for it.  This is night two of bleaching (damage be damned...right?)  

And here we are.  I am completely enamored with how it turned out.  I feel giddy each time I remember, oh my hair is blue!
For the bleaching, we used four packets of L'Oreal Quick Blue powdered bleach with L'Oreal Oreor 30 Volume developer.

For the colour, we used two tubes of Ion Color Brilliance Brights in Sky Blue and Ion Sensitive Scalp 20 Volume developer.

As someone with very very dark (almost black) thick, coarse Asian hair, it was a concern as to how we were going to lighten my hair enough to dye it a colour.  Additionally, the damage bleach would do to my hair was a cause for worry, the first night of bleaching I did not condition my hair and it felt absolutely destroyed.  However, the night after, post bleach, post colour, a five minute conditioning truly changed the texture to my hair.  For one, it felt like hair again.  I'm quite pleased, and look forward to seeing how it changes as the dye washes out, or as my hair grows out.  :)

Thank you!
Till next time

Monday, April 6, 2015

Epiphanies and Blue Eye Brows

Hello All,

         It would seem that I am not very very good at keeping this little space of solace of mine updated. Nevertheless, here I am.  This past semester (now half eaten away by  time and mid-terms and procrastination) is half over, and in reflection (if enough time has passed to properly reflect) I feel that I have lost bits and pieces of myself.  It was only this morning that I woke up with the conviction to end this, as accurately described by a very good friend of mine, HAZY phase, or at least try to.  I'm not entirely sure what catalyzed this "epiphany" as I have come to refer to it as, but I am fully embracing it in an active and almost desperate want to pick myself up and out of this haze.

        Again, I do apologize for the lack of posts, and the fact that the posts that are written seem to be more like diary entries than anything informative...but this is my home in the internet, and I intend to fully cherish it as such.  Today, in company of my epiphany I decided to do something fun with my face.  Lately I have lost motivation and wanting to even LOOK at makeup much less spend time using it.

Here I am feeling quite cheeky and giddy, I'm not entirely sure if its the makeup or the resolution to stop wallowing in my own "not good-ness".  Either way, I felt a bit joyful.

I am wearing Fyrinnae's Midnight Dreary on my eyebrows and Performance Colors' Zombie Bride on my lips.  I'm not wearing any face makeup because I've been unkind to my skin (and myself and the world) and am now attempting to remedy that.

Currently I am in the process of reconfiguration and finding my way again.  Focusing on my interests and cultivating my passions (And maybe actually doing the whole school thing instead of pretending it doesn't exist).

With utmost sincerity,
thank you for reading :)