Monday, October 20, 2014

No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation Review and an introduction to my "Drugstore Skin" Project!

Hello all!

          Today, a rather windy afternoon where I am, I am fairly excited to finally begin documenting a small project of mine.  I've dubbed it the "Drugstore Skin" Project.  These past months I have been wanting to try drugstore foundation in an attempt to expand my experiences with foundation.  It's also been a small hunt to find something that will temper my never ending love for Cle de Peau's Refining Foundation as well as develop my understanding of my skin tone and the nuances of base makeup (something I've never been good fact I am down right atrocious at choosing appropriate shades for myself).  As such I've accumulated a small lot of various drugstore foundations and have set out to try them all out.  Thus far, it's been a mixture of frustration, fun, and "why in the world did I think that colour would work for me???" (an all too often exclamation I make).  For now, I have amassed:

Without further ado, here is today's foundation to try:  Boots' No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation 

The No7 Lift & Luminate Foundation is gorgeously packaged.  It comes in a plastic bottle topped with a pump.  I really like that this foundation comes with a pump as it makes it easier to control the amount dispensed, a pump also eliminates the possibility of a spill which is great as I am rather clumsy.  This might be my favourite in terms of packaging, I think it's clean and the pop of blue is fun without looking gaudy (for example, Hard Candy's packaging).

I wore this today and the consistency is really lovely.  It's a very light formula and is mousse like in texture as opposed to the more liquid/runny foundations.  It blends out beautifully and has light/medium coverage.


Above is my bare face freshly moisturized (hence the sheen, I actually have rather dry skin).  I still suffer from pretty temperamental skin and so I deal with some breakouts, hyperpigmentation/discolouration, and some unevenness in texture (pore/bumps etc.).

Above is my no longer bare face, I applied one layer of the foundation all over my face and powdered the edges of my face.  It's evident that this foundation isn't going to cover every imperfection but I really like the coverage it does provide.  Additionally the texture is lovely and blends into the skin seamlessly.  It looks very much like skin and on some days I really appreciate that.  I would consider this to be a good foundation to wear to class or to a quick lunch date or whilst running errands.  I would probably wear something with more coverage in the evening.  This foundation photographs without a white cast which is nice :) I would recommend setting it with powder for people with oily skin types.  All in all my first impression of this foundation is rather positive!  I like the packaging and the formula but do note that the coverage leans more to light, and that the formula is rather lightweight (shorter wear time)  I believe there are eight shades, it's hypo-allergenic and has broad spectrum SPF 15 which are all positives in my book.

I have this in the colour Warm Sand.  For reference I have warm/golden toned medium skin (Cle de Peau 060, Estee Lauder Stay in Place concealer in shade 09).

I'm really excited to try all of these various foundations and am glad that I'm starting off on a positive note!

Thank you for reading,
Till next time !