Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Favourites

Hello all!

As March draws to an end I have to say I'm glad it's behind me.  March was for the most part a hectic and at times horribly stressful month!  However, I did discover some new (and not so new) gems this month!  In general, because I was so busy all the time and for the most part clinging to any and all sleep I COULD manage, the mornings before school didn't leave a lot of time for getting ready as I actively choose making breakfast over dreading the horror that is fifteen minutes of trying to get eye liner even moderately similar.  This month I developed a keen interest in face products, and focusing on the face rather than the eyes and lips, I worked on filling in my brows, discovered contouring and ...most importantly an addiction with indie blush made itself all too present in the days of March. I am seriously enamored, as I fall deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole that is makeup I find that it does bring me joy, it's a simple pleasure to me, something to brighten my day (and my face!) and make sad days less so.  In any case, here are this month's favourites!

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion:  Again I blame this entirely on that friend of mine who gifted me with the Amber Romance (which is half empty now).  I like this scent even more and is responsible for my mad spiraling into a search for more vanilla fragrance.  This smells delectable, a gourmand scent that doesn't disappear on the skin after an hour!  I also purchased the perfume, but the initial spray smells too much of alcohol form my liking.  I wore this everyday after I got it and I thought I would get tired of it, but such was not the case!

Solstice Scents Burnishing Glace in Sandalwood Vanilla:  Solstice Scents as a company really should be part of this favourites post as it was just an amazingly positive experience for me to order from them.  Next day shipping coupled with gorgeous products and lovely scents.  Sandalwood Vanilla is my favourite from the six or so scents that I've tried, and I actually prefer the burnishing glace over the perfume oil.  This smells gorgeous, and I was amazed at how consistent the scent was throughout the day, it lasted well into the evening for me, I wear it on my skin, sprayed lightly on my clothes, rubbed into my hair... it's just an overall lovely product!  I found myself wearing this almost daily after I got it!  PLUS, the Solstice Scents aesthetic was amazing...

Let it be noted that I was beyond impressed with how this company presents itself and handles their business.  I am going to be a repeat buyer (already am!) and look forward to trying the other products they offer.  

Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten in Boysenberry and Amaretti:  I've had this blush for a while, I was never really one to use cheek products (until this month!) and I only had a handful of blushes until this month, this was one of them.  I love that this compact has both blush and highlighter, both colours I rather like.  I found that I use this pretty consistently.  It's a little easier to use than the loose powder blush I've been experimenting with this month so on super rushed days I fell back on this.

My Pretty Zombie Blush in 6-MAM:  Ah.  The beginning of a new addiction.  Indie blush (which will make an appearance in later posts as I am waiting till all packages arrive..........) ANYWAY.  6-MAM!  My Pretty Zombie has an entire line of blushes named after drugs (quite entertaining).  I ordered this and the blush sample set and the colours and quality is seriously amazing (so amazing in fact that I've already ordered two other full sizes in Benzodiazepene and MDMA).  I was so intrigued by this colour, it's a dusty violet, a greyed lavender I would say (I am awful at describing things, I sincerely apologize!), I was afraid it wouldn't work with my complexion but it did and I can't wait to experiment more with it!

A note on indie blush, this month I have abandoned eye shadow for these cheek companions.  It is such a treat and I never knew what life they bring to the face!  It's such a cute pop of colour and it's so much fun learning where to place it and what colours work and what doesn't and such.  It's a wonderful addition to my makeup journey :)

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Intensive Smoothing Powder:  Oh Estee Lauder how I depend on you to ease my skin and alleviate the terror that is puberty manifesting as awful face demons.  This powder makes me feel like I can take on the world.  I found myself using this more than my other powders this month, I'm not sure whether it's just that amazing or if it's because of my sudden turn to loose powder products brought on by my adventuring in the indie makeup world.  I've noticed that this makes my skin look it's best in photographs, used over my darling Cle de Peau Refining foundation I feel like I can actually take on the day (a much needed shield in my day to day life). I will probably repurchase this powder until I find something better (which I doubt).  

Anastasia Illumin8 eye shadow palette: I adore the colours in this palette the three big shades are matte and perfect for day to day.  Since I was experimenting with blush for most of the month, I decided to tone the eyes down, as such, I ended up really utilizing these three matte shades.  I also used the darkest shade for my eye brows, and the lightest to highlight my brow bone.

My first try at pressing loose shadow:  This was my first attempt at pressing some of the indie eye shadows I've amassed.  This batch turned out better than my second attempt, and I found that there was no change in the quality which is really great!  It was fairly time consuming, and for my first try I wish I had kept it cleaner but I am rather proud of myself!

So that's it for March, I feel as if I really should keep track of what I use more often because I feel that I'm certainly missing some things.  I look forward to April and the summer, and though, as always I feel that the coming months are going to bring rather monumental changes, I do hope I take it all in stride.  Big transitions are in store and I find solace in these little pleasures.

Thank you for reading!  I hope everyone had a wonderful March and an even better April :D

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quick Swatchpost, Notoriously Morbid Lost in the Lodge

 Hello all!

Today I wanted to share some quick swatches of Notoriously Morbid's Lost in the Lodge collection.  I have a larger and more general Notoriously Morbid review planned, but I just love the theme and some of the shades in this collection!  In any case, here are some swatches :)

From top to bottom: She's Full of Secrets, 25 Years, Walks in Moonlight
Addendum: Oof!  Walks in Moonlight isn't even part of this collection!  My mistake D: I was wondering why I had seven colours when I initially saw six.  Pardon the mistake! 

From top to bottom: Garmonbozia, Sometimes My Arms Bend Back, My Log Saw Something

Douglas Fir

"Pressure sensitive" is an accurate description for this colour, and surprisingly enough I have noticed this in a couple other indie eye shadows in which the colour rubs down to a deeper or different colour than the initial application.  Very interesting and kinda fun!

Giveaway Time! (Closed)

I purchased these shades strictly to swatch (save for 25 Years) and in that sense, I will be giving away the remaining 5(...6 including Walks in Moonlight) colours from this collection shipping included!  Just leave a comment below on what kind of collection you would like to see in the future from different indie companies!  This one was based off of Twin Peaks!  

And we have a winner! I placed everyone's names into a list randomizer :) Thank you to everyone who participated!  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chinovi Cosmetics, Review and Swatches


Today I would like to share my thoughts on Chinovi Cosmetics, an indie brand that is newer to me.  What drew me to Chinovi was the "Oh My Gods" collection which coincides with my liking of mythology.  However, I ended up getting only one shade from that bunch, and a select others from her other collections. I find her website to be one of the better ones from the indie bunch, it is easy to navigate, simple, aesthetically pleasing and have a functioning search bar.  

Her collection have correlating labels and I find them rather cute.  Everything is packaged nicely, and the labels themselves are clean and professional.  Jars arrive shrink wrapped which is a nice safeguard in the possibly of jar caps coming loose! (Which has, unfortunately happened to me D: )

Here is a comparison of the different amounts Chinovi eye shadows come in.  Full size jars are most often filled to the brim, samples are also available.  Unlike some indie businesses, you can order samples that come in its own jar which is nice as I usually end up just throwing away or giving away samples in the mini zip lock bags.

In any case, here are some swatches of the Chinovi shades that I own!  Swatches are taken in natural light without flash, and with flash.  Eye shadows are swatched over UDPP :)

From top to bottom: Boooook, Hiccup, Superstar 

Some notes: There are shades that are more pigmented than others, for example Boooook is more pigmented than Hiccup, I will note these differences accordingly.  Another note to make is that the shades I have from Chinovi for the most part are uniform colours in that they are not duochrome or have a noticeable shift.  One of the shades that do have a shift (and is quite lovely) is Superstar!  I've made a gif to show this glowing yellow/gold shift.  It's very pretty :)

From top to bottom: Star, Virgin Candle, Twinkle 

Some Notes:  For this set, Virgin Candle is the most pigmented, it's much more pigmented than Twinkle and Star which are more subtle when applied.  Virgin Candle is one of my favourite lid colours.  I've found that the lesser pigmented shades can be prone to disappearing on the lid although this problem is helped with some primer.

From top to bottom: Hephaestus, Smoke Out, Marquee 

Some notes: I found that Smoke Out was much more sheer than Hephaestus (which is gorgeous and heavily pigmented) and Marquee (of which I accidentally bought two of!) Hephaestus is one of my favourite shades from the Chinovi colours that I own, for the name and the colour! 

From top to bottom: Divine, Monsoon, Chinovi Brows in Black/Brown

Some notes: Divine and Monsoon are my other favourite colours, I didn't find that Chinovi had many browns/warm neutrals but these are gorgeous colours and are both heavily pigmented.  The brow powder is also nice and stays put all day, though I don't fill in my brows often, I rotate between this and a brow powder from Anastasia and they both perform similarly and don't fade on the brows.

Here is my go to eye shadow application using Virgin Candle on the lid, Divine on the crease and the brow powder used as eye liner :)  

In general I am pleased with Chinovi, there is a fairly wide colour selection and the website is very nice and easy to navigate.  I wish there would be either more browns/warm neutrals or complex colour as Superstar was the only shade I bought that had any sort of shift.  I'm not sure if I missed the duochrome shades but I look forward to what Chinovi will put out in the future! (There is talk of a second Oh My Gods collection!) I am pleased with the colours I own and will be purchasing more shades in the future :)

Full sizes are 5.00
Samples are 2.00 (for a jarred sample) and 1.00 (for a mini zip lock bag)

The Chinovi Cosmetics shops can be accessed through Storenvy!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Favourites

Alliteration, what fun! Since it's the beginning of a new month, I thought I would share this past month's favourites :)  I TRY to do my makeup everyday just so everything's being used, but I usually opt for the extra minutes of sleep.  I have recently chosen to curb my spending, and thus, buy (much) less makeup, so I've been trying to really pay keen attention to what I already have and actually USE them.

Cle de Peau Eye Color Pencil: I bought a set of these from the past winter collection, it had five colours, one of which (a nude pink lippie) I've given to a friend.  To be honest this set was a bit of disappointment, especially for the price.  They're okay, certainly not as exciting as their permanent collection.  For next time I would probably stick with those.  My favourite shade from the set is 2, a honey bronze brown.  I found that I wore this quite often in the month of February (perhaps I was trying to get my money's worth) and I do quite like it.  It's a satin shade with decent wear time (though it creases without primer)

Dior Serum Lipstick: I've spoken about this before, I have this in Raspberry and I adore it.  It is hands down one of my favourite lipsticks, the formula is unbeatable, I've yet to try anything as moisturizing (though I've heard good things about the Chantecaile lip chics!)  This is a lipstick that I see myself repurchasing so long as it's available.  

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour: I bought a mini set of these to try out and they're nice, very shimmery with a pretty good wear time.  Sugar Frost (pictured above) is my favourite of the bunch, it's something I can swipe all over my lid if I'm in a rush and it looks good and stays put without primer.  I think these are so cute!  

Fyrinnae semi-loose eye shadow in Serendipity:  Since I've been on a mssive indie kick, the eye shadows I've been using most  are indie.  Serendipity by Fyrinnae is one of the first shadows I bought and I absolutely adore it.  I can wear this by itself and it's multidimensional aspect makes it appear as if I've got several colours on my lid.  It's gorgeous, it's unique and I'm on an active search for shades similar to it.

The Chequered Lily Apothecary in Jareth's:  This is a violet shade that can also appear grey, I've used this as a crease colour several times and it works well with a lot of other colours.  The Chequered Lily Apothecary is one of my favourite shops and her colour selection is amazing.  I like this colour a lot, it was my free shade (after spending 50 in the shop there's a complimentary free shade!) and at first it wasn't at all what I expected but it's truly grown on me :)

Overall Beauty Minerals in Zookeeper:  This shop is very local for me and as such I thought it would be good to support it!  This colour is a matte brown and is one of my favourite "outer-v" shades.  I've used this shade the most this month!  Very nice wear time and quite pigmented.

Clinique freebie brush:  I don't remember which gift with purchase I got this with but I love it.  I have yet to invest on high end brushes (I'm looking at you Hakuhodo!), so I just have a cheap collection of basics (Real Techniques, Ecotools..)  The only brush I've purchased was the Shiseido foundation brush and I rather like that.  In any case, this Clinique brush has been instrumental in my makeup journey!  I use this to apply my crease shade and the outer-v shade :) If I'm wearing eye shadow, I've used this brush.  

Revlon Parfumerie in Bordeaux:  I'm not a very big nail polish girl but I really like this!  It truly does have a lovely scent upon drying and I like that!  The colour itself is a nice red and the bottle is really cute.  I use Butter London's nail base coat and top coat with this and it lasts for a couple day without chipping (I work with my hands a lot, and pick at my nails as a nervous habit so a week is quite a feat!)  I've worn this on my nails several times and I love how it looks on the nails.  It's opaque with two coats and dries very evenly.

Victoria's Secret Amber Radiance Fragrance Mist and Body Lotion:  I received this as a gift from a good friend and I REALLY like the scent.  I've never liked sweeter fragrances but this is both musky (which I do like) and sweet.  It is decadent and just an overall pleasant smell.  In the past month I've worn the two together and have in more occasions than note preferred this over my perfumes.  I intend to repurchase this, and has convinced me to try sweeter smells!  Definitely my fragrance favourite from the month of February.

Teavana Samra Teacup:  Another gift from another good friend.  This was a birthday gift and was both extremely useful but also just a beautiful gift.  I absolutely adore it and use it almost daily.  I don't have a separate image of this, but above is an image from the night I received it!  Any night where there's red velvet cheesecake and tea is BOUND to be good, right? :)  I should add that this has a tea diffuser, in that it can be used to diffuse loose leaf tea, before I had loose leaf tea but no diffuser so I was very grateful to receive this. This is going to be a "miscellaneous" favourite for months to come, I'm sure of it.

In any case, the month of February like the months before it and the months ahead of it was quite stressful and full of work, every day is a day of catch up so these little pleasures really do help me get through day to day life.  I can't wait to see what March offers and what I gravitate towards in the coming month!

Thank you for reading!  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Darling Girl, Review and Swatches


Today I would like to share one of the first indie brands I tried, Darling Girl Cosmetics!  I think Darling Girl was the shop I ohhed and ahhed over the most before actually making an order.  The release of "Welcome to the Asylum", a collection inspired by American Horror Story: Asylum finally convinced to place an order.  I ended up ordering a full set of petits and a couple of other colours as well as the Darling Girl Primped and Primed.  Unfortunately I didn't really know what to do with the colours within the collection but loved the quality of the shades themselves.  I ended up selling a majority of the Asylum colours but bought more shades because the shadows themselves were quite good.  In any case, I have about 15 colours to share with you today :)

My second order came in square jars so perhaps she has switched to those now.  Everything came very neatly and nicely packed, the labels are very clean and professional (and fun!) She also sends a Darling Girl sticker with every package and I like them a lot, super glittery and cute.

In any case, here are some swatches of the colours I have.  I'm still trying to figure out how photograph these swatches, and for some reason I still have trouble getting the camera to focus :(  So I do apologize for that, I'm working on it and I'm learning.  The swatches are taken in direct sunlight without flash, with flash, and under artificial light without flash.

From top to bottom: Naughty Bits, Tank Taupe, Bodice Ripper 

Some notes:  These are the matte shades I have from Darling Girl and I rather like them, they're not patchy and they blend well.  The names...are also quite a bit of fun :P  They swatched a bit darker than the colour in the jar.  Naughty Bits is a great colour for the crease. 

From top to bottom:  Sirena, Moondust, Woogy

Some notes: Sirena and Moondust are Diamond Dusts from Darling Girl and they're gorgeously sparkly!  Especially Sirena.  Woogy is from the Charmed collection (another obsession of mine).  I've made a little gif to show how nice and sparkly Sirena is as well as its gorgeous shift.

Here is a detail shot of Sirena.  It's probably my second favourite shade from Darling Girl after Frankenstein! :) 

From top to bottom: Frankenstein, Beast, Well Dressed 

Some notes: Oh Frankenstein.  What can I say?  I fell in love with this shade and it led me to make my second purchase from Darling Girl in an attempt to find similar shades (Beast is a product of this).  I absolutely adore this shade and is one of my most worn shades from all the indie shades I own.

Angel of Death, Play With Me, The Crucifixion 

Some notes:  Unfortunately I only have one set of swatches for these colours, but I also have a gif that accurately depicts the colour of these shades.  Angel of Death is a very dark green  that has magenta pink sparks, it's quite lovely!  Play With Me is a medium baby pink with teal/lavender shimmer and shift and The Crucifixion is an extremely pigmented mustard gold.

Other products I've tried: I've also tried Primped and Primed as well as the Glitter Glue.  I really like both!  In fact, Primped and Primed is now my go to primer and find that it works marvelously as a primer (even better than UDPP, which irritated my eyes and did at best, an okay job at lengthening the wear time of my eye shadow.)  I found that it also helps the pigmentation of the shades quite well!  I wish Darling Girl would release a bigger size of this because I've already made quite a dent on my little jar!

Glitter Glue: I bought this as a replacement for Fyrinnae for a couple reasons.  One, I've heard that it can be used with mattes, and two, I find the squeeze tube to be more sanitary than the wand in Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.  I've tried this and to me the effect is extremely similar.  The texture is a bit different but it does a wonderful job in bringing out the intricacy of a colour!  It also really helps the shades that are uber glittery or shimmer such as the Diamond Dusts!  

In general I have had and predict that I will have a positive experience with Darling Girl.  The quality is consistent and the shade selection is extremely large.  I think she has some truly unique shades, and some of my favourite duochromes!  I look forward to future releases from this shop, as well as trying the other products she has to offer such as blushes and lip products.

Full sizes are 5.90 for 3/4 tsp
Petits (minis) are 2.50 for 1/4 tsp 

Currently her shop is closed to catch up on orders, the colours are still available for browsing.
You can access her shop via Darling Girl Cosmetics