Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mazzie Cosmetics and Siren Cosmetics, Review and Swatches


Today I have two companies to share with you!  Since I have less colours of these two companies, I thought I would join the two together.  I haven't read much about either companies and was introduced to them by the lovely ladies on Reddit.  The first I would like to talk about is Mazzie Cosmetics! :)

Mazzie Cosmetics is an etsy shop I've never really heard of, but the swatches piqued my interest and I decided to try four shades.  I think this is the company that's MOST generous with how much shadow you get for the price.  Full sizes are five dollars and come in a TEN gram packed fairly full with a sifter. There were two different jar labels, I'm assuming the illustrated one is newer.  You also receive a business card which I think, is always a nice sentiment!  Additionally, the shadows came packed in three sheets of really lovely lavender tissue paper.

I also received two equally generous samples in gorgeous colours!  

In any case, here are the swatches of the shades I received, they're taken in three lighting conditions, on the most left is with flash in front of artificial light, the middle is without flash under artificial light, and the the most right is without flash in front of artificial light.  These are swatched over Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

From top to bottom: Rude, Insanity, Taunt, Muck

Some notes: I really like these, they're fairly pigmented and smooth.  My favourite is probably Rude which is from her matte/low shimmer shades and I am planning to pick up a couple more.  I think her shop swatches as well as her descriptions are fairly accurate which is great in picking out colours!

However, in trying these shadows actually applied to the lid, I found that they are sheerer and need to be worked up to opacity.  I found Rude, whilst swatching beautifully is actually a bit finicky on the lid.  I couldn't get the colour to blend, and when I did it would REALLY reduce the colour.  It was layered above Insanity.  Perhaps it was the primer I used (Darling Girl's Primped and Primed) or the way I applied it but I'm a little disappointed.

From top to bottom: Rotten, Sparkle Charcoal
Some notes: These are both extremely pigmented, I don't own a colour similar to Rotten so I'm looking forward to experimenting with that.  Sparkle Charcoal on the other hand appeared a dark grey brown in the zip lock bag, however it's actually a dark shimmering blue over a deep charcoal base, so true to the name, it is a Sparkling Charcoal hahah.

In general my experience with Mazzie Cosmetics is fairly positive.  I love all of the shades I picked up and the shipping was fast, I definitely look forward to getting more colours!

I would have to say that the use of a primer is definitely needed, as I stated above, some colours apply on the lid more sheerly or can be a little difficult to blend.

Mazzie Cosmetics can be found on Etsy

Full size eye shadows are $5 from the regular collection and $6 for the mattes shades
Samples are not listed
Shipping is $2 

The next shop I would like to talk about is Siren Cosmetics!  

Siren Cosmetics first intrigued purely because of what the shop is called.  I have a keen interest in all things mermaid and sirens, so upon seeing a swatch post of it, I immediately knew I had to try the shop!  I'm so glad I did because Siren has some beautiful shades.  Like Mazzie, this shop also packs the shadows in 10 gram jars.  The labels are beautifully printed, very clean and professional, not to mention just as lovely as the eye shadows themselves. 

Another thing unique to Siren are the rotating sifters that come with the jars.  I'm not sure whether I prefer these over the traditional sifters.  I received the jars with eye shadow spilled out of the sifters. 

This is my second order from Siren, my first purchase were only samples but I found that I really loved the shades I chose so I ended up placing a second order for their full sizes. 

Each order come with two complimentary samples. 

In any case!  Here are some swatches of the shades I have.  I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I received a free shade with my order called China Girl, a shimmery, and highly pigmented white shade.

From top to bottom: Strange Desire, Claudia, China Girl, Little Wing, Angel 

Some notes: These photographs do not do these shades justice, as I've stated the colours are gorgeous!  I'm still learning how to photograph and such and what lighting conditions facilitate the most accurate pictures.   Strange Desire is my favourite from the lot, it's a truly unique colour which rivals my adoration for Fyrinnae's Serendipity and Dreamworld's Black Flamed Candle.  

From top to bottom: Lunasa, Cigaro, Europa, Teenage Kicks 

Some notes: These are my sample shades, and like my first order, it tempts me to order more full sizes!  Lunasa is a beautiful matte cherry brown, though I did find it to be the slightest bit patchy.  Teenage Kicks is mesmerizing, it's a matte black which is exploding with multi-coloured shimmer!  I'm not entirely sure what I would do with this shade but it is very pretty!

Here are the sparkles of Teenage Kicks!
Europa on the lid, Little Wing on the crease, Teenage Kicks as eyeliner

I also decided to try out these shadows on the lid, and I think they perform quite well!  They retained their pigmentation which I like.  Also, pardon my eye brows I am growing them out (aka too afraid to get them done again).  I also tried to do an eye look with the Mazzie shadows but I had difficulty blending and experienced patchiness with Rude, although I think it might be just user error (primer/application).   
In general, I think Siren has some gorgeous shades, shipping was fast and the jars themselves are clean and professional looking.  My experience has been positive and I look forward to trying more colours!

Full size eye shadows are $7
Samples are .50
Shipping is around $4

Thank you for reading,
Till next time!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics, Review and Swatches


This evening I would like to share my thoughts on Dawn Eyes Cosmetics, a company that I only very recently tried but am already quite enamored with!  I don't hear much about Dawn Eyes, but my interest was piqued by the retro feel of the website, and the amazingly economic prices of her eye shadows.  In the first place, I was drawn in by her "Mermaid Lagoon" collection as I love anything and everything to do with mermaids and sirens.  I found that she has a very wide collection of shades available, with a plethora of collections.  I am very happy with everything I received, Dawn herself is extremely sweet and helpful and respond to inquiries in a timely manner.  I have 15 shades from different collections, but was also surprised at the amount of samples added to my two orders, thus, I have 24 shades to share with you.  

Parcels are all very safely packaged, there is no skimping on tape and measures taken to get the package safely to your mailbox! :) I appreciate this, especially with loose pigments.  Each eye shadow is sealed, both the jar and the sifter.  I've experienced eye shadows arriving a mess, a loose cap or what have you resulting ins eye shadow EVERYWHERE, so the precautions taken, and the arrival of uber clean and well packaged shadows is more than welcomed.  The image above is of my second order, after receiving and using my first Dawn Eyes eye shadows I knew I had to pick up a couple more colours! :)

Full size jars are listed as having 1.2-1.5 grams of eye shadow per jar.
Samples are 1/8th tsp

 Another thing I liked were the labels and the names of the shades.  With the label, I find it very professionally done.  I also rather enjoy the font she uses for her company name, it's adds a bit of fun!  I have yet to receive handwritten labels, but I have received sloppy labels, either mismatched names to shades, or half the label being off center and unreadable.  I appreciate the care taken in making clear, easy to read and professional labels.  Additionally, I think the names of the shades are quite lovely.  Paw Paw Bear, Sunken Treasure and Shy are some favourites.

Yet another thing I rather like!  I thought it was a cute touch to write a small thank you on the shrink wrapping.

In any case, here are some swatches of the shades I have! They're from a variety of collections from different years.  For the most part, the Dawn Eyes eye shadow shades are VERY sparkly, but also smooth, pigmented, and easy to blend. In fact, it was near impossible to photograph most of the shades as they were very glittery or shimmery.  These were swatches over Urban Decay's Primer Potion and taken in three conditions, the left most image is of the shadows with flash, the middle without flash, and the right most image, without flash under artificial light.

From top to bottom: Paleflower, Mossy Mauve, Green Tea, Precious.
The last swatch is of Mossy Mauve swatched without primer.

Some notes: Mossy Mauve is a beautiful colour!  I purchased a couple of duochrome shades and Mossy Mauve is one of them.  It's more subtle and quite beautiful with the shift being fairly prominent. 

Paw Paw Bears, Christmas Morning, Shy, Coppery Plain Brown

Some notes: Shy is one of the only shades that I had trouble with.  It's extremely sheer and the slightest bit patchy.  Even packed on the colour is a bit difficult.  This was the only shade with that problem.

Sunken Treasure, Irresistible, Featherlight, Northern Lights, Plain Deep Purple

Some notes: Sunken Treasure (From the Mermaid Lagoon collection!) and Northern Lights are the other duochrome-y shades that I purchased.  Both are darker, and more intense than Mossy Mauve and are equally lovely.  Northern Lights was a shade I received as a sample with my first order and loved it!  It appears red in the jar, but applies an inky magenta tinted indigo that has a teal green sheen with bright violet/magenta sparks! Quite complex, and I, ever so poor at describing colours cannot find the appropriate words to describe how intricate some of these shades are. 

Here are swatches of the samples I received!  I didn't include duplicates (shades I purchased in a full size in my second order), Dawn Eyes is probably the most generous in terms of number of shades included as samples.  The sample amounts aren't quite as large as Notoriously Morbid and Shiro, but she does provide a wider variety (about five different colours) 

Early AM Vineyard, The Fire Within, Mantle, Angel

Some notes: In my invoice I received a note next to Early AM Vineyard and Mantle as "coming soon" which I would understand to be colours from her next collection.  Quite excited!  I will definitely be picking up Mantle when it's out, again with my inability to accurately describe colours I would say that it's a brown-y purple...ish shade.....maroon?? ..with lots of shimmer........ I don't know. It's lovely, that I can say with near certainty!

Work or Play, Stormcloud, Sweet Sunset, Sweetheart, Molten 

Some notes: Work or Play is another shade noted as coming soon!  Additionally, for some reason I only have two photographs of this set of swatches...I'm sorry :(

Most of the shades I received, as I said above are very shimmery with a multitude of different sparkles and shimmer.  Here are two low lit photographs that better capture some of the sparks.

On my lid I have Christmas Morning, on the crease blende up and out is Coppery Plain Brown blended with Christ Morning with Paw Paw Bears.  On the outer V is Sunken Treasure.
I also decided to wear only Dawn Eyes for an eye look, I found that the shades are very pigmented and blend remarkably well (I've found that some shades, once layered or blended become muddy or lose its original colour or shimmer).  They also lasted the entire day with extremely minimal creasing.  Pardon my eye brows, tweezing makes me cry (no not watering makes me actually cry, let's blame that on an extremely low tolerance for pain!)

In general, I really like Dawn Eyes Cosmetics.  I found everything in order, from the product itself, to the price, the packaging, as well as the customer service.  I have read that her website has warded away some people, and that her swatches poorly represent the shades, and while I do find her website a little difficult to navigate, as well as her search feature needing improvement, I found that her swatches are fairly good.  Especially since she posts a video for each shade showing it in different light settings as well as with and without primer.  Her descriptions are also fun and I would say adequately accurate of the shades themselves.  Suffice it to say, my experience with Dawn Eyes Cosmetics is rather positive!

Full size eye shadows are 3 dollars, and samples are 50 cents.  Her shipping (amazingly) is free with any order above 10 dollars.

Her shop can be accessed via Dawn Eyes Cosmetics.

Till next time!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Chanel Affair, Chanel Fantastic and L'exubérante!

As spring approaches I feel more inclined to actually try and do a pinker lip.  I've felt that in photographs, without a lip colour my lips look washed out, making the rest of my face look washed out.  So, the discovery of a bold red lip was something I truly embraced and fell in love with.  Even now, it's still my "if I were to be stranded in a desert island" staple.  May it be matte, or shiny, or velvety in finish, the red lip will always be my companion.  However, Spring, with the blooming of flowers and the changing of seasons, makes me feel like I can also partake in the pink lip.  Though not as popular in terms of personal tastes, the pink lip is something I've grown to slowly enjoy.  Although pink lips resides a fairly distant second to red, bunched with berries and violets, I do rather like it for this time of the year.  This evening I would like to share a Chanel combination that I quite like when I'm feeling rosier in hue.  

Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel:  In the shade of 66 Fantastic, this relatively new purchase of mine surprisingly matched a lipstick I purchased a while ago.  I was curious about the cream blushes from Chanel. though not the biggest aficionado for this line of cosmetics, I found that the blush formula was actually quite nice.  Easy to blend, pigmented, and no shimmer.  I'm still very very new to blushes in general, but I quite like this.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet:  Delayed flights are probably one of my most favourite inconveniences in traveling for the sole purpose that it allows me to peruse the Duty Free in whatever airport I'm in.  L'Exuberante from the velvet line is one such product of a delayed flight.  Matte and velvet finishes are probably my favourites when it comes to lipstick so this was a pleasant discovery after being told that my flight had been delayed for three whole hours.  Although not my favourite formula for this finish (I would say the extra rich line from Cle de Peau is the reigning queen in my arsenal),  I do like the longevity and lightness of this lipstick.  Perhaps most trifling is its tendency to be quite dry, however I've found that this isn't the worst offender (hello there Armani lip maestros!).  This is also the only lipstick I have in this shade, the rest are just varying shades of red, a handful of berry's and handful of rose hued lipsticks.  I also rather like the packaging of this lipstick, I think the clicking mechanism is a novel idea.


Here are some swatches of the lipstick and blush.   For the arm swatches, I've taken them in two lighting conditions, one without flash (on the left), and one with flash (on the right).  The heart swatch is the lipstick, though seemingly reflecting light, it is meant to be matte (and does settle to be quite matte on the lips).

The swatches under the heart are blush swatches, one heavily applied, and the other diffused into the skin with a brush.

I also have a lip swatch (minimized in size for your own protection!), I make sure to moisturize my lips before putting on this lipstick as it can dry the lips.

I think it's a lovely coincidence that I bought the blush in this shade, it would be a couple weeks until I make the connection, "Oh I have that in a lipstick!".

In any case, I think I will try to incorporate more pinks, may be it be blush or lipstick in the future.  I have been wanting to try new blushes, and Tom Ford has caught my attention with their Narcissist blush!  Perhaps that will make its way into my ever growing wishlist :)

Till next time!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oslo Cosmetics, Review and Swatches


Today I wanted to share my thoughts on Oslo Cosmetics, a fairly new indie company, but also one of my very first experience with an independent cosmetic line.  I was amazed by the price, at the time selling at a set of 8 full sizes for 25, and the quality, an almost creamy consistency bursting with pigment.  Although the most captivating aspect in my finally deciding to order from Oslo was the aesthetic, my love for astronomy and bears made trying something new that much easier.  In any case, despite giving away a couple of shades to share with friends, I now have a happy collection of 15 colours from this lovely little company.  Every shade has an astronomy related name save for shades that were Colour of the Months, or belonging to her Game of Thrones collection.

Full size eye shadows come in little jars, her label is absolutely adorable depicting a white bear, a polar bear?  Though I'm not sure why she chose Oslo, as I always associated the astronomical bear as "Ursa".  I like the simplicity of the label though!   

 The eye shadow formula is pretty different, it's an almost creamy consistency, there's a predominant waxy smell and the shadow clumps together into tiny balls.  It's a bit difficult to pick up this eye shadow with a brush, I find it easier to apply it with a clean finger and smoothing it over the eyelid.

Here is a detail shot of what the eye shadow looks like! Tiny little clumps.

In any case, here are some swatches of the 15 colours I have taken in three conditions, the left most image is without flash under artificial light, the middle image is with flash, and the right most image is without flash in front of artificial light.  For the most part the shades have an almost metallic sheen to them.  

From top to bottom: Altair, Voltanis, Taurus, Carinae, Tuscana, Lux

Equinox (a Colour of the Month), Andromeda, Doradus, Lyra, Ara, and A Song of Ice and Fire (from the Game of Thrones collection) 

Vela, Crux, Nebula 

All shades are heavily pigmented, I think the Altair and Carinae are the shades on the lighter side, but even then they are both still fairly pigmented.  I didn't experience any staining or difficulty in removing these though some of the glitters did linger.

The shade Equinox has fairly heavy lilac/violet glitter. It contributes to an almost gritty texture.  These glitters linger past the removing the eye shadow itself with eye makeup remover.  The glitter is not subtle, and lies on top of the shade.
In general, I quite like Oslo eye shadows, the colours are gorgeous, the aesthetic is cohesive, and there are no inconsistencies with quality.  I think the biggest challenge with these eye shadows is the formula and the creaminess of it in texture.  It is rather difficult to use the shadows with an eye shadow brush, but not impossible.

Though the store is under construction at the moment, these shadows and several other products such as blushes and lipsticks can be purchased at Oslo Cosmetics on Store Envy.

Till next time!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Chequered Lily Apothecary, Review and Swatches


Today I wanted to share my thoughts on The Chequered Lily Apothecary, an indie brand that has really impressed me!  This will probably be one of many reviews on independent brands as I have been completely enamored and obsessed in the past three or so months.  Before indies I didn't really dabble with the whole eye shadow business, I have hooded eyelids and I thought it was a choice between eyeliner or eye shadow, and I was pretty disastrous at that haha.  The Chequered Lily Apothecary has a really lovely aesthetic, packages arrive beautifully packaged, and the products themselves are wonderful.  Kimberly herself is really sweet and helpful if you have any questions or inquiries.  I was also pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail telling of a shop perk!  A free full size eye shadow of your choosing for every cumulative 50 dollars spent in her shop!  In any case, I'll end up just prattling on about how great everything is here are some swatches and thoughts on the products themselves!

As I mentioned, the aesthetic of the shop is gorgeous.

Full size eye shadows come in little jars with 1 gram of product inside.  They come with sifters, but you can also request no sifters.

Another fun concept in the shop is the ability to get a trio of shades, these are packaged in a stacked jar. It's quite cute!

 These are all the colours I have from the Chequered Lily!  Generally I gravitate towards neutral colours, the odd pop of colour here or there.  Her shades are all fairly shimmery if not glittery, and I would say the lighter shades are definitely subtle.  The bottom half of these swatches are over Urban Decay's Primer Potion, I tried to depict the colours as well as I could.  Photographed under artificial light without flash.  From left to wright:
Jareth, Hearts in Ice, Oakmoss, November, Mr. Wednesday, A Dustland Fairytale, Stormbreak, Blackberries, Beholden, Haute Cocoa, Dead Men Tell no Tales, and Neverwhere.

Hearts in Ice is a really beautiful and unique shade, an indigo blue with a flash of red.  It was part of her Valentine's Day collection from last year!  I can't wait for her to release this years collection :)
This was taken in front of the light, with flash.

The shades are pretty lovely, she offers some of my favourites from what I've tried overall.  Especially Hearts in Ice!  The lighter shades are fairly sheer but can be built up to opacity.  I use a primer or a base and rarely experience creasing.

Her full sized eye shadows are 6.50 for a jar with 1 gram of product.
The trios are 16.50 and shjpping is 3.50.
There are so many more shades and different products in her shop such as lip balms and blushes, you can also contact her with any inquiries!  I've linked the Etsy shop below :)
 The Chequered Lily Apothecary

After the break I've included some closeups of each the shades, I didn't want to hamper down this post with so many pictures as it is already quite lengthy!  However, I still wanted to provide they're there if you're interested :) (Excuse the formatting, I'm still learning...a lot)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Current Favourites

Pleasant evening,

I thought I would share my most used products from different categories.  I think it's nice to have products that you can depend on, and I understand how much fun it is to try new things and discover new products but I have grown to consider the following products constant favourites and have been the most used in my small, budding collection.  

Eye Stuff: 

 Shiseido Accentuating Cream Eyeliner: I have this in shade 1, which is just a nice matte black.  This cream liner is probably the fifth I've purchased, I've tried Clinique's, Bobbi Brown's, Maybelline's, and one from Essense and this is by far my favourite and most used.  I'm fairly sure I've given away most of the others save for Bobbi Brown.  I've also tried the Cle de Peau cream eye liner and it is absolutely lovely.  When I finish the Shiseido I'll probably replace it with that one.  I have eye lids that are a bit hooded, and are prone to any and all sorts of smudging, I found that this stays put the best.

Lancome Definicils Mascara: I'm not a very big mascara girl, though I do like this one quite a bit.  It adds oomph without looking overdone.  I have fairly wimpy eye lashes, not very thick, not very long, and points down most days, so this, along with Shiseido's eyelash curler really helps.

Estee Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover:  This is very mild and never irritates my eyes.  It also doesn't leave an oily residue, I wouldn't recommend this if you're wearing anything waterproof or anything besides pencil liner as it probably won't remove it very effectively.  I use this when I wear just eye shadow.  I like this a bit more than other removers I've tried, Jojoba Oil and Lancome's Bi-facil felt too oily for me.

Maybelline Color Tattoo:  I have this in several colours but my favourite is Tough as Taupe! It's a really lovely base, I only wish Maybelline would release more permanent matte shades :)

Indie Eye shadow: now THIS is quite a story that will present itself a plethora of times in what's to come.  In October I made my first order with indie makeup, now several months later I am completely addicted.  I've more or less exclusively use indie eye shadow now.  My little palettes and compacts have begun to collect dust in my drawer, but I can't help it! I'm completely in love!  I am an absolute beginner with eye makeup, and the fun colours and collections, as well as the community has truly made the learning process so much more enjoyable! :)  Featured above is Femme Fatale, Scaredy Cat, Backstreets Makeup Co (whose lovely label is shrouded in shadow), and Fyrinnae (in Serendipity, the ultimate colour.)

Lip Stuff: 

Estee Lauder Lip Lacquer: My favourite colour from this line is Ruby Glow, perhaps one of the most gorgeous reds I've ever tried.  The lacquer is extremely pigmented and fairly comfortable to wear.  Lip gloss like in texture, it transfers and it does bleed but I have yet to find this shade anywhere else! So I alleviate the feathering with reverse lip liner and voila!

Nivea Lip Butter:  I own this in Raspberry Rose Kiss, a truly scrumptious and moisturizing treat for the lips!  This lip balm got me through the drying winter months!  I've tried a myriad of lip balms as I do naturally have pretty dry lips, exacerbated by the fact that I wear so much lip products.  I also use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, Clinique lip treatment, and Jack Black for moisture, but I was pleasantly surprised by this little tin!  The only negative for me is how it's packaged, the ones mentioned above are nicer for travelling as they come in tubes, however this comes in a tin which I find a bit unhygienic and a bit messy.

Korres Lip Butter Glaze:  The lip butters tubed and more pigmented relative!  Again, there is the benefit of a tube, the pigmentation is an added bonus!  These have a really lovely creamy texture, when I want a lip product with a light formula I most often go with these.  Raspberry is my favourite shade, Wild Rose is a close second.

Rouge Dior: I own this in Zinnia Red, one of my all time favourite true reds.  The wear time, the texture, everything about this lipstick is flawless to me.  I don't have much else to say lest I sound a broken record singing praise for this! Very creamy and smooth, doesn't feel heavy or dries out the lips, and stays put! Ara Red is more orange.

Dior Serum de Rouge:  In terms of creamy, moisturizing lip colour this line is my favourite.  It never dries out my lips and the formula is super smooth and pigmented.  Raspberry (are we seeing a trend here?) is what I own from this line and hope Dior releases more colours for this line as it is quite limited at the moment.  I tried the Cle de Peau Silky Lips because of the remarkably similar packaging, that was also quite nice, unfortunately I loaned it to a friend who accidentally left it out in the sun.  I would hope that she got to use it a couple times as the colour was terrific on her!

Face Stuff:

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation:  The only drugstore face base that I've liked.  The Revlon Colorstay was a huge disappointment and put me off drugstore foundation for awhile, but this was a great find!  I have this in Classic Tan, not quite the perfect shade for me, but pretty dang close.  This has incredible wear and has pretty good coverage.  The pump is very convenient.  The colour range is also pretty impressive!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light:  I have this in shade 3, which is too light, I use this to adjust the Covergirl foundation.  This is really nice and light, I prefer this over the original Double Wear which was quite heavy.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover:  I use this foundation as concealer.  The coverage of this thing is insane.  However it is a very heavy formula I can't really see myself wearing on my entire face.  I wish this line had more shades as it is quite limited.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Concealer:  My very very favourite concealer!  Lighter than the Maximum Cover, coverage is only very slightly less.  This is colour matched to my cheeks, jaws, etc, and is too light for my forehead... hence....

Maybelline FIT Concealer: this concealer is darker and is couple with the Estee Lauder for my forehead.  together, they make a really good colour match.  I'm pretty ambivalent about the product itself haha.  I really like being able to mix colours to find one just right, I don't think it's that much more of an inconvenience and with this I am able to wear the same products through the Summer and Winter.

Diorskin Forever Compact: Probably my favourite powder.  This is a powder foundation that has beat all other powders I've tried, including but not limited to: the loose HD powders, Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv loose powder, Lancome's Dual Finish Versatile, and Chanel loose powder as well as a handful of drugstore powders.  I keep coming back to this.  I also really love the compact, though it is a little excessive.  I use this to set my foundation, sprayed over is All Nighter and I'm good to go!

Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten: I have this in Boysenberry, the highlighter is Amaretti.  I bought this on a whim (as many of my purchases are), and use the combination mot!  I don't wear too much blush or highlighter, but when I do, it's usually this lovely "duo".

Victorian Disco Clow Highlighter: "The Dream" named after the Dream Clow in one my childhood favourite shows, Cardcaptor Sakura.  This has a really nice texture, if I usually use this on top of Ameretti as it blends to a really subtle, yet illuminating glow.

Here are some of the most used of the most used!  Major pan porn on the Dior powder, a significant dip in the lip balm, almost half done with the cream liner, and the most damage I've done on a single tube of lipstick!  I expect for it to be massively satisfying to truly finish any of these.

Have a pleasant evening!
Till next time.

Pleasant greetings and a Hello

Hello there! Who ever you are, where ever you are, hello~

My name is Erika, and I have fallen in love with the marvelous and seemingly infinite world of makeup and beauty.  I am fairly new to this whole "thing", having picked up my first real makeup item in the autumn 2012 (I picked up the Estee Lauder double wear light foundation!).  In retrospect, that does seem rather long ago, but I have learned and discovered so much since then, I think I will be in a constant state of learning and changing for quite some time.

A little bit about me, I am a fourth year high school student, I have struggled and continue to struggle with troublesome skin, and my interest and curiosity has been piqued by the world of makeup in the most wonderful sense.  The primary reason as to why I have delved into makeup is how much fun it is for me, I find that I really enjoy the possibilities of the different things you can do with makeup!  It's something to indulge in, something to treat myself with in my day to day life.  When I was younger, I believed that wearing makeup was a sign of insecurity, that it was somehow uncool to put in that much time into changing how you look ...or whatever skewed perspective I held at twelve years old hahaha.  But as of right now, I feel that I was so very wrong, I do not think wearing makeup is in any way a crutch for insecurity, I don't think it's uncool to want to change how you look, in fact, I find that makeup is sometimes not even about changing how you look, more so its about playing with your features, whether it's highlighting a favourite feature or downplaying an unfavourite feature.  I do not find fault in wanting to brighten complexion, or wanting make your lips more plump, in fact I find it amazing what can be done with a few strokes of a brush!

What I'm trying to do here is to document this journey of mine in the world of beauty.  Discovering what I like, what I don't like, sharing my thoughts and experience and really, my hobby with other people and hopefully, finding some who share common interests, or, if all else fails, at least gets a few laughs from this.   I hope you bear with me as I learn how to tackle this whole "thing" :)

In any case, in terms of makeup, as I said, I have fairly troublesome skin, my forehead has always been darker than the rest of my face, and with the advent of puberty and acne, I have been left with hyper pigmentation and an uneven skin texture.  In terms of foundation shade, I have always struggled with finding the right colour, so my day to day is usually a mixture of two colours.  the closest colour match I've gotten is Cle de Peau's Refining Foundation in 060, which is probably the most gorgeous foundation I've ever used, though I do not wear it everyday to school.  I am more or less always sporting a red lip of some kind, a red lipstick is probably the one item I would choose to keep if I had to get rid of every other beauty related thing that I own.  In any case, this has far exceeded what I planned to write.  I look forward to what's in store for A Little Jar!